Song Rithy

Phnom Penh·

I am a student at a Software Engineering College in Cambodia. After 2 years of learning Information Technology academically, I had a chance to test my knowledge in the real world through internships.


Media and Production (Volunteer)

Ignite Cambodia

Work as a team to produce Creative Poster. Have a touch on Digital Software/Hardware.

Jan 2021 - Present

Team Moderator (Volunteer)

The 6th summer youth camp

Improve how to use digital Devices and develop softskill.

Feb 2021 - Present

3D modelling internship

Len of Reality (kit)

Foundation in 2D/3D digital software (Blender, Unity, XD, Adobe Illustrator).

Nov 2020 - Present

Network Monitoring internship

DynamicxD (kit)

Ridiculious thing seemed at that time. Understand how to maintaining and monitor the Internet speed and Internet Uptime/Downtime in a Local Area Network.

December 2018 - Nove 2020

Web Development internship


Experience and learn to create a creative Website. This internship involved challenging opportunities, real world projects.

March 2019 - August 2019

Web design internship


Write custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript for existing websites and applications. Design, recommend and pitch improvements to new and existing features.

March 2019 - August 2019


kirirom institude of technology

Bachelor of Software Engineering
November 2018 - November 2022

Tbeng Meanchey High School

General Program
October 2015 - August 2018


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. In winter, I spare times grapping a Caffee and hangout with Friends, I love to get up in the early morning to walk around to see the nice view. During the warmer months here in Kirirom, I enjoy mountain biking, free climbing.

When forced indoors, I love to watch anime, listening to music sometimes k-pop, I am an aspiring chef, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology in many different Catagories in and outside the world.

Awards & Certifications

  • Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering - Linkedin Certification
  • Ethical Hacking: Footprinting and Reconnaissance - Linkedin Certification
  • Ethical Hacking: Sniffers - Linkedaaaaaadin Certification
  • Ethical Hacking: System Hacking - Linkedin Certification
  • Cybersecurity Essential - Cisco Certification
  • Indroduction to Cybersecurity - Cisco Certification
  • BacII Certification 2018
  • Diploma Certification 2015